Our Services

In-Situ Soil Testing

We conduct detailed subsoil investigations through geotechnical acquisition and concise interpretation of data generated from the laboratory to delineate the subsurface on a site.

Deep Foundation Services

We undertake the construction of precast concrete piles in various diameters as represented in the site design and in line with recommendations as stipulated in the soil test reports.

Geophysics, Geology & Hydrology

We undertake investigations to reveal ground water accumulation, declination of salt/fresh water interface, declination of strata, and search for mineral resources of an area including well logging.

Construction of Pile Caps

It is a great advantage to clients when we are retained after completion of piles to undertake the construction of the necessary pile caps, ground beams or slab in consonance with structure engineers design.

Dredging & Mineral Exploration

We carry out waterway clearing, sand stockpiling and sand filling plus other related dredging operations. We also engage in all aspect of mineral exploration, exploitation and industrial mineral processing.

Site Assessment & Seismic Shooting

We undertake short hole drilling for environmental sampling, seismic works, monitoring well design and construction for ground water pollution studies and remediation works.

Construction of Water Boreholes

We undertake the drilling and completion of water boreholes for interested persons or organization upon proof that there is a ground water aquifer in a client site.

Re-activation & Maintenance of Water Boreholes

We resuscitate old abandoned water wells, we also carry out well maintenance which increases not only the longetivity of wells but also achieves best possible yield and continuous reliability.

Piping & Irrigation Works

We make water easily available to people wherever it is needed for domestic, industrial or irrigation use. We also construct ground and overhead tanks and reservoirs.

Vibroflotation Compaction

We perform foundation soil improvement processes for serious construction works viz use of ground anchorage and grouting. We also carry out engineering subsoil investigations.

Groundwater Control & Dewatery

We carry this out in conjunction with our environmental division and find application on engineering sites that require groundwater lowering or control.