The Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Arotech Geotechnics is a registered and established geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting company that operates throughout Nigeria. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective ground investigations and practical solutions for a wide range of development projects. We provide a quality service to help with all ground related aspects of development ranging from in-situ soil testing to piling, as well as foundation improvements.


We  are  a  supportive, considerate  and  innovative  company  with the ultimate aim of saving  our  clients  money  by  providing economical, long term sustainable development solutions.


By our passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and our innovative spirit, we seek to be an epitome of prudence and excellence, as we continually strive to fulfil our vision. These values guide us in all that we do and are the bedrock upon which our organisation is built.

We got the tools

We are passionate about technology’s potential to solve, satisfy and surprise. We have no limits.

Certified Experience

Highly experienced loyal professionals with in-depth business and technical knowledge.

Fast Delivery Times

Our proven ability to deliver reliable, high quality products and services makes us indispensable.

Our Integrity

We are rock solid genuine and honest. You can count on us. We deliver our promises and fulfill our commitments.

Our Capabilities

We imagine far-reaching possibilities and bring them to fruition, raising the bar for excellence and setting pace.

Our Confidence

We are sure of our capabilities and goals and we have a thorough understanding of our customer needs.